“This Is a Great Book”

“I read it in one sitting, I just couldn’t put it down. It helped not only me, I shared it with my friends and family. And every one of them said the same things about this book – “It is great book. I absolutely LOVE it!”

Nancy and Sharon’s book is now on Amazon. If you’d like to learn more about the work we do, please browse www.TwoWiseWomen.org.

Here are two praises of the book:

 “We can be happy. We can be at peace. That is what we all want and that is the message Nancy Smyth & Sharon Eakes deliver with profound wisdom and heartfelt grace. Relationships are at the core of life and Nancy and Sharon guide us through how we can shift our internal choices to enjoy deeper more satisfying relationships, at work and at home. A lyrical, lovely read with lasting impact!” — Kelly Epperson, Book Coach, Author of 25+ Books, & Erma Bombeck essay contest judge


 “Love the stories!!! They help to put flesh on the bones of your insights!!  Thanks for sharing!” — Sister Maureen Fitzgerald, ascj, Principal at St. Rita School

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